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We are a young company but we've got an extensive experience. Our machines are working in 25 different countries and are equipped with all the latest technologies.


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We can recondition every kind of machine in a die casting cell (die casting machines, ladles, lubricators, trimming machines, etc.) restoring them to a like new condition. We can also update the technologies and safety systems to the latest ones.


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Our technical service can spring into action very quickly and efficiently. Moreover, we can provide every kind of spare part.



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O.P. DieCasting service is a young and dynamic firm dedicated to serving die casting foundries in all their needs. Our activity ranges from the production of die casting machines and die casting cells, to the supply of spare parts and the complete overhaul and update of every kind and every brand of diecasting machines.

The strength of O.P. DieCasting service lies in the experience of its technicians, in the completeness of its services and in its quickness of action.

The quality of our production and the needs ofour customers are our first concern.

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Our hot chamber machines are the quickest on the market and they are made of just top quality materials and components.



We build our cold chamber machines looking after the maximum solidity and reliability and we equip them with the newest technology available.

If you have space problems, our new 2-locking-cylinder machines are as short as the 2-platens ones, but preserving the reliability and speed of the toggle system.

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