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O.P. DieCasting Service

die casting machines



New and used die casting machines and cells


Thanks to the 30-years experience of its technicians and to a well equippedmechanical workshop, O.P. can design and manufature both hot chamber (from 20to 300 ton, the fastest and strongest on the market) and cold chamber machines(from 300 to 2700 ton). All of our die casting machines are built using thebest materials available and taking advantage of the latest technologiesregarding power savings and injection speed control.

O.P., furthermore, can provide every kind of used machine, thanks to a largewarehouse and to the hundreds of customer spread over 25 countries in theworld. These machines can be supplied as they are or, according to thecustomer's needs, they can be reconditioned and updated to the most recenttechnologies.

Our machines warehouse: DEALS



Total reconditioning

Our reconditioning service takes advantage of our dual experience as machine manufacturers and repairer. On one hand our technical service has developed, during the last 40 years, a deep knowledge of the failure modes of die casting machines; on the other hand, the continuous improvement of our technologies bound to the design of new machines, lets us install, during reconditionings, all the latest solutions available on the market, turning old machines into new and competitive high performance machines at a fraction of the price.








On-site and online technical service 


Thanks to the extensive experience gained over the years, our efficient technical service is able to perform mainteinance and repairs on machines of all brands and, generally, on every kind of die casting cell. We furthermore have a well equipped machining department, which can produce spare parts in very short times in case of emergencies. The availability of a technical office and of a mechanical workshop, makes it possible to take very hard actions, till, as said, complete reconditioning. Our close cooperation with a lot of specialized workshops lets us supply our customers with high quality spare parts at very competitive prices. In the last years we can also provide our customers with online remote service, thanks to the use of special routers to install on the machines.

O.P. DieCasting Service srl

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